Aquaflow Pumps

High Performance Meets High Efficiency

Uncompromised Power

The basis of our hydrotherapeutic excellence

aquaflow pump graph chart

When designing our pump systems, we knew that we had to incorporate the two most pivotal aspects of consideration for spa owners: hydrotherapeutic power, and energy efficiency. With Arctic Spas’ exclusive Aquaflow pumps, we have seamlessly integrated premium water power, while remaining sustainably energy efficient, year round.

Aquaflow offers superior hydrotherapy by creating unimpeded, powerful water flow while pumps are on high speed during jet use. This, in turn, fosters a massage experience that can only be customary of an Arctic Spa.

Additionally, these innovative pumps offer high water flow when running on low speed in order to create incomparable filtration capabilities. This high flow is central to pulling contaminants out of your hot tub’s water and into filter media, allowing for the creation and circulation of crystal clear water throughout your spa.

Aquaflow’s unique design is able to offer this necessary high water flow, while drawing minimal amperage from your home’s grid, offering massive savings on energy bills while not compromising on any hydrotherapy or filtration.

Inspired Design Elements, Right Down to Pump Positioning

Traditional hot tubs often position pumps far away from jets, forcing water to turn through sharp angles in order to reach hydrotherapy systems. These angles combined with a pump’s inconvenient distance from jets, create massive pressure loss in the delivery of water to your jet systems. No matter how strong your spa’s pumps are, an inconvenient placement can often lead to an underwhelming hydrotherapy experience.

Arctic Spas’ intentional hot tub design staggers pumps around your spa to maximize water delivery to jets. Because pumps are placed in the ideal locations for direct power, you can enjoy hydrotherapy that is never compromised by inefficient water flow. By positioning pumps directly behind jets whenever possible, Arctic Spas® is able to offer premium pressure in every model.